Goal Two

Understand the essential nature of information and its relevance to society.


Outcome 2a. Describe various definitions and concepts of information.

Artifact: Knowledge Management Research paper

What is Knowledge Management

In LIS 880 Knowledge Management I wrote a research paper to explain what Knowledge Management is.   In the paper, four different definitions of knowledge management were discussed.  While they all agreed that in a nutshell knowledge management was the creation, using and managing of information within a company or organization they all differed as to how knowledge management should exist in the organization.

The definition that I most agreed with is the one authored by Laurence Prusak.  The reason why I selected that definition is that it sums up the main aspects of the other definitions I reviewed.  Also, because this definition put particular emphasis on information management, quality movement, and the human factor.  To make the definition complete, I would add an explanation under human factor as to how both explicit and tacit information would be developed and shared.

Outcome 2c. Assess the information needs and interest of diverse communities and organizations.

Artifact: City Library System-Making an Impact on the Community

City Library System

This artifact is a PowerPoint presentation which was created in LIS 770: Management of Libraries and Information Centers the purpose of this presentation was to research a community and come up with programs that would best meet the needs of that community. The goal for the library system is to engage patrons, offer targeted services and make a positive impact on the community.

In the fictitious city library system, before launching a community outreach program the staff conducted interviews, reviewed demographic information and rated existing programs based on how well they were attended and their effectiveness.  With this information, they can develop programs for the non-user, the underserved and people with special needs.

Outcome 2d. Develop appropriate responses to information needs.

Artifact: Outreach and Information Literacy Program

Outreach and Information Literacy Program

This outline was created in LIS704- reference and online services and is for a computer literacy for senior citizens program.  This program was created in response to the high number of senior citizens in the community that is serviced by the Blackstone branch who have little to no computer skills.  The objective of this program is to teach basic computer literacy skills to Senior Citizens.

In order to develop a response to information needs of a community, the library staff must truly be engaged with that community.  The best way for library staff to get engaged is for them to know the demographics of both the user and non-user, join community organizations and be involved with community events.  By doing this they would be better able to pinpoint the needs of the community.