Goal Three

 Navigate, curate and create information across the spectrum of human records.


Outcome 3a. Design resources or tools that facilitate access to information.

Artifact: Subject Guide

Donna Subject Guide

In LIS704-reference and online services, I developed a subject guide to find information on African Americans in the Civil War.  The target audience for the guide is high school aged students and is in response to the recent shut down of the in-school library at the local high school.  With the loss of that resource, more students will be using the library as a source of information and the library wants to respond to that need. The subject guides that will be developed by the library will help these students with their quest for information.

The subject guide list information available in various forms including print, eBook, HTML, and video format.  The subject guide provides data on each resource-circulating, non-circulating and web-based and detailed instructions on how to access them.

Outcome 3b. Utilize resources or tools to manage information

Artifact: Access database report

Access Database Customer Invoice and Sales Report

One area of focus for LIS751 Database management is to understand and create information retrieval and processing through database systems.  In this class we created an access database where information inputted can be stored, analyzed and put into report form. The artifact is a report and a form that was generated as a result of a custom query.

Access is an effective tool to manage information.  After creating the dealership database, reports could be created to show the number of vehicle sales, salesperson commission and create invoices.

Outcome 3c. Evaluate resources or tools that facilitate access to and manage information.

Artifact: Amherst College Library Usability Study

Amherst College Library usability study

The artifact is a presentation of the results of a usability study was conducted in LIS753.  As part of the study, the library website was evaluated using the goals of the library that were listed on the site.  A task was given to study participants and the website was evaluated based on how easily the participants could complete the task.  The usability results along with key findings and recommendations were presented to library staff.

After completing this study, the student will have the tools necessary to evaluate, make recommendations and improve existing library websites.