Goal Four

Synthesize theory and practice within a dynamic and evolving information environment.


Outcome 4a. Apply library and information science theories, principles, and research to professional practice.

Artifact: Practicum presentation on Provident Hospital Collection

CSU Provident Hospital Collection

Completing the practicum in LIS775 archival principles allowed me the opportunity to take what was learned in class and apply those concepts and theories in the profession.  The artifact is a summary of the history of the Provident Hospital collection, the current state of the collection and most importantly experience gained by completing the practicum.  One of the elements learned in LIS 775 that was applied during the practicum was the development of a processing plan for the collection.

Outcome 4b. Describe how library and information science theories and practices inform and improve emerging technologies.

Artifact:  Research Paper. Topic: When we are no more –  How digital memory is shaping our future.

When We Are No More

Preservation has a significant impact on new and emerging technologies.  To avoid what Abby Smith Rumsey coined a “digital black hole” libraries must give more thought to preservation, not only for the short term but the long term as well.   With most forms of digital storage having a limited lifecycle, in order to preserve digital data for future use libraries and archives need systems in place to ensure that digital information will remain readable, usable and accessible long-term.

Outcome 4c. Demonstrate teaching and learning principles in relation to professional practice.

Artifact: Ready Reference Instructional Presentation

Ready Reference Instructional Presentation

The Playbill vault database ready reference guide was developed in LIS704-reference and online services.  The goal of this instructional tool is to teach patrons what the Playbill vault is and how to navigate it. The tool covers the varies ways you can conduct a search, by using either people, shows, awards, and theaters and what type of results to expect from the search.

What was learned after the completion of this tool is how to put together a tutorial for library patrons in a fun and informative way.